Our experience spans across multiple sectors and our portfolio can be applied to the specific demands and nuances of your industry.



    We create safer, healthier, more comfortable and sustainable air travel with one of the industry’s broadest and most innovative offering portfolios.


    Commercial Buildings

    Safety from the ground up. Equipment failure is never an option especially on high-risk work sites.



    Power your company's shift to renewable energy. Honeywell has the engineering expertise, sustainability commitment and solutions to help you drive a more sustainable future.


    Government and Public Sector

    Honeywell has been helping government and public sector entities for more than 30 years,  from military deployment operations to on-going support for critical public services.



    Honeywell has the technologies to help both healthcare providers and medical equipment manufacturers shape the future of their organizations.


    Life Sciences

    From lifesaving biotechnology therapies to revolutionary medical device technology for hospitals, we help those in the life sciences with tools to help drive product quality, safety and compliance.



    Our core focus is on ensuring a safe working environment, achieving stable production levels, adhering to quality standards, and reducing energy consumption.


    Logistics and Warehouses

    From mobility devices to facility management software and warehouse execution systems, to robotics and labor management tools, we’re ready to help you create a safer, more productive workplace.





    From the storefront to the distribution center and across the supply chain, Honeywell’s retail solutions bring together people, assets, and merchandise in powerful new ways.



    We have a diverse set of solutions that address the needs of utilities across each area of the utility value chain.


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