We create safer, healthier, more comfortable and sustainable air travel with one of the industry’s broadest and most innovative offering portfolios.

    With over 50 years of experience designing and delivering aerospace products, Honeywell is a leading supplier to engine and auxiliary power unit (APU) manufacturers for fuel, air, and lubrication systems. We meet the needs of on-engine sensing and interface for FADEC/DEEC control systems. We provide: temperature sensors, position transducers, speed sensors, oil level sensors, pressure and level switches.

    Honeywell is also a trusted supplier of precision aerospace assemblies and provides EASA and FAA-Certified repair services.
    Our position sensors, sealed, basic, limit, and thermostatic switches are found on a wide range of commercial and military aircraft and carry Parts Manufacturer Approval (PMA) and MilSpec qualification.

    We also enable business aviation operators to access data-driven insights to optimize flight operations, connectivity services and maintenance.

    Flying Blind is Unacceptable

    Taking flight has evolved in every imaginable way. Sensors are at the hearts of modern avionics and spacecraft control systems. 

    Engineering the Future Of Flight Today
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    Aerospace & Defense Sensors and Switches Product Range Guide
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    Discover The Right Solution For You

    Explore a range of tailored solutions designed to meet your unique needs in the aerospace sector. Our interactive tool simplifies the process of identifying your specific challenges and goals, guiding you to the most suitable options from our extensive portfolio.

    Digital Telemetry Rotary Torque Measurement Applications

    Precision torque measurement is essential in engine and transmission testing, turbine testing, pump testing, and testing of gear trains and power measurement within propulsion systems. 

    Aerospace and Defense Sensors and Switches

    Honeywell is an industry leader with a broad portfolio of sensing, switching, and assembly solutions. 

    Model DPS Digital Pressure Sensors with CANopen

    Design engineers are frequently challenged with monitoring and/or controlling processes, lines, hoses, equipment, and systems over extended areas. This application note will discuss these challenges relative to analog and CANopen® communication systems.

    Differences between GAPS and HAPS sensors

    GAPS - General Aerospace Proximity Sensor
    HAPS - Hars Application Proximity Sensor

    Some of Our Products for the Aerospace Industry

    True engineering excellence delivers innovative, leading-edge sensors and switches that excel in rugged and harsh environments. Honeywell-patented technologies and engineered excellence delivers electromechanical systems — from discrete components to cockpit controls — with flexibility and value. The Honeywell engineering team works closely with customers to help identify the best solution to meet the specific application needs.

    Our Commitment In Action

    At an accelerated pace to improve the patient experience, the Life Sciences industry is at a pivotal moment driven by the rise of evolving regulations and new frontiers in personalized and precision medicine. Discover our commitment to helping customers deliver and drive value to improve manufacturing efficiency and lower their CO₂ footprint with our ready-now sustainable technologies for Life Sciences.

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