Best in class technology to support our customers digitalization goals while improving safety, reliability and efficiency for their most crucial assets

    Make better decisions, faster.

    Take asset performance management to the next level with cutting-edge machine learning and data integration capabilities. Reduce unplanned downtime, maximize asset utilization, optimize production, and increase customer satisfaction by delivering on your commitments. Improve safety and minimize operational risk by mitigating risks before they occur.

    Advanced Sensing and Measurement
    Leverage a complete portfolio of sensors and measurement solutions to support your business goals with increased predictability, reliability, and safety
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    Asset Performance Monitoring
    Improve the reliability, availability, and performance of your most critical assets with innovative solutions and responsive services and support
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    Emissions Control And Reduction
    Track, manage, and reduce emissions with a proven portfolio of solutions and world-class support to help you improve compliance, process uptime, and safety
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    Operational Intelligence
    Unite people, process, and technology to deliver better visibility into site operations, allowing operations and maintenance teams to make informed decisions in real-time.

    Switches And Sensors For Industrial Applications
    The industrial sector faces an extremely rapid evolution, integrating new technologies and automations to better respond to changing demand.

    Critical Technology For Critical Healthcare Applications
    In the coming years, healthcare is expected to face an even greater surge of demand coupled with more rigorous cost controls.

    Redefining Road Rail & Rugged Applications
    The transportation industry is poised to address a number of challenges and capitalizing on these will provide a competitive advantage.

    Aero & Transportation Sensing
    True engineering excellence delivers innovative, leading-edge sensors and switches that excel in rugged and harsh environments.

    Carbon Reduction Solutions
    In today’s world, we are facing an increasing pressure on taking action to temper the climate change.


    Explore some of our intelligent operations resources and find out more on how you can bring your asset performance management to the next level while reducing emissions.



    Honeywell Operational Intelligence Overview

    Monitor performance across sites, systems, teams, and individuals from desktop and mobile.


    The Need For Cable Pull Safety Switches

    Safety is considered a top priority in manufacturing and distribution facilities around the world.


    Honeywell Emissions Management

    Employ technology and automation at the sensor level to gather emissions data from your operations.


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