Comprehensive portfolio of hardware, software, and services to support your business goals and empower your teams to make timely decisions

    Productivity in the palm of your hands.

    Embrace digital technology to redefine your supply chain from manual labor to dynamic, cutting-edge solutions. Automation and robotics create new opportunities for you to operate more efficiently as you navigate labor shortages and other challenges to scale faster. The integration of wearable technology and IoT enhances safety, ensuring a secure environment for your workers. This digital evolution is pivotal in unlocking productivity and expanding supply chain capacity.

    Workforce Productivity Solutions
    Empower your team to drive revenue growth by deploying ergonomically designed solutions with a proven track record and world-class service and support
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    Digital Data Capture
    Improve inventory accuracy and visibility with integrated data capture solutions to support faster customer response and to minimize waste in your value chain
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    Warehouse Automation
    Increase productivity and optimize throughput with a combination of hardware, software, and services to support revenue growth and to increase customer satisfaction
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    SwiftDecoder™ Vision Software
    Honeywell barcode decoding software offers all the essential tools you need to develop mission-critical barcode decoding and character recognition apps.

    Lifecycle Support Services
    A new standard of proactive programs is emerging to minimize unplanned downtime, optimize maintenance, shorten intervention times, and prevent disruptions.

    Voice Automated Solutions
    Achieve higher levels of productivity and accuracy in your demanding distribution center (DC) and warehouse operations with Honeywell Voice technology.

    Material Handling & Automation Technology for DC Operations
    While nothing is predictable in today’s ever-changing distribution centers (DCs), modern automation solutions are capable of taking on nearly any warehouse task.

    Warehouse Automation Software
    Keeping pace with perpetually increasing retail store and e-commerce fulfillment demands is more challenging than ever.

    Next-Generation Fulfillment Solutions
    Honeywell Intelligrated offers one of the broadest portfolios of advanced automation technologies and software in the industry.


    Explore some of our digital workflows and supply chain resources and find out more on how you can increase your business efficiency and safety in the supply chain and warehouse spaces.



    Workforce Intelligence Overview
    Unite people, process, and technology to deliver better visibility into site operations.


    Honeywell Operational Intelligence Overview
    Monitor performance across sites, systems, teams, and individuals from desktop and mobile.


    Smarte Flexible Depalletizing 

    A fully autonomous solution to one of the DC's toughest jobs.


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