Transform Your Operations From Generation To Distribution

The Future Of Utility Management Begins With End-To-End Solutions

Utility Value Chain

The utility transformation is creating new challenges for resource-constrained utilities. Reducing carbon footprint while effectively managing power grids, water and gas for entire cities is no small feat. And while each segment of the supply chain is unique, you don't need to assemble multiple solutions providers to support your operations.

At Honeywell, our transformation portfolio is designed to support the entire value chain; from generation to transmission to distribution, giving you access to the diverse resources and holistic thinking of a single source provider for all your needs. With our broad array of solutions and services that can help reduce total OPEX and CAPEX, and improve overall productivity, sustainability, safety and profitability, your enterprise can confidently meet upcoming changes.

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Honeywell’s Utility Portfolio

We have a diverse set of solutions that address the needs of utilities across each area of the utility value chain. All are thoughtfully designed to help optimize your enterprise resources by working to increase information access, connectivity, productivity, safety and security.

Our Commitment In Action

We have a diverse set of solutions that address the needs of utilities across each area of the utility value chain.


Future Ready Digital Platforms 

Intelligent, intuitive and autonomous devices and software that bring efficiency and informed decision-making to enterprise management.




Integrated Scada


Distributed Energy Resource




Microgrid Management


Smart Gas - Electric Water


Virtual Power


Communication Platforms



Software solutions that harden your security against cyber threats


Advanced Monitoring


Consulting Services


Clean Energy  

Adaptive and resilient software solutions that harden your security against cyber threats 


Flow and Lithium


Long Duration






Smart City   

Centralized energy infrastructure management to support more efficient resource allocation and responsiveness. 


Streetlight Management


Video Surveilance





Putting Our Experience To Work For You

Our collective experience supporting utilities globally with end-to-end solutions allows us to apply the knowledge gained to help our customers solve their unique challenges

Over 75 Cities Globally Rely On Our Smart City Suite Of Solutions

Over 150 million Honeywell meters are in homes around the world

Over 1,000 utility customers use our solutions, devices and services

We have more than 20 years of cybersecurity experience in generation, transmission and distribution

Our Smart Energy team refurbishes nearly 200,000 American meters per year

Our Carbon Capture projects have an installed capacity of more than 40 million tons

Discover The Right Solution For You

Explore a range of tailored solutions designed to meet your unique needs in the utilities sector. Our interactive tool simplifies the process of identifying your specific challenges and goals, guiding you to the most suitable options from our extensive portfolio.

Integrating the A4 Smart Meter

Managing the evolving energy needs of the utility customers by responding to outages, fraud and potential safety incidents while lowering operating costs.

Accelerate Your CO2 Countdown

Honeywell CO2 solutions enable cost-effective emission reductions today.

Ukraine's First Grid-Scale Battery Storage System

The demand for energy storage systems is growing exponentially to meet decarbonization and renewable targets globally.

What's Next for Utilities?

Hamed Heyhat and Troy Chapman take the stage at DISTRIBUTECH ® International to explain how Honeywell's utility portfolio can help manage the world's energy transition

Supporting an IOU

Directing and executing the installation of 2.7 million AMI meters across hundreds of zip codes

The Future of Connected Line Locating

Honeywell is delivering quality locations focused on safety to help utilities build their underground digital libraries.

Optimize production, maintain auditability and boost time-to-market speed with end-to-end cyber-secure information management technologies.

Connectivity At The Core of Utility Management

Learn how you can remotely monitor your assets via wireless connectivity, collect actionable data and improve worker safety with Honeywell's game-changing smart metering technology and services.

Green Hydrogen

Backed by decades of R&D experience, we're innovating technology that helps support energy transition goals.

Leak Detection Using Line Locating

Our Line Locating services can help Utilities find water leaks while avoiding additional costs and further damage.