ABOUT Industrial Automation

    We enable our customers to enhance the safety, sustainability, resiliency and productivity of their people, plants and assets.

    Honeywell Industrial Automation enables process industry operations, creates world-class sensor technologies, automates supply chains, makes warehouses smarter, and improves worker safety. This combination will build on our core strengths in controls and automation technologies which in turn allows us to deliver better commercial outcomes for our customers.

    Innovative Technologies at Honeywell Industrial Automation

    Process Management Solutions

    Offering a range of control solutions, emissions reduction strategies, energy storage and management, metrology, cybersecurity and asset performance management services to enhance efficiency and security.

    Internet of Things (IoT)

    Our data-driven IoT technologies are tailored for multiple industries, providing crucial insights, optimization capabilities while bolstering safety.

    Combustion and Heating Solutions

    Specializing in advanced combustion and heating solutions, along with comprehensive combustion safety and services.

    Material Handling Automation

    State-of-the-art material handling solutions, including design, emulation, warehouse and labor management software, complemented by a suite of services.

    Advanced Sensors and Controls

    We develop sophisticated sensors, switches and controls for sectors like healthcare, transportation and industrial supply chains.

    Worker Productivity Enhancements

    Our range includes mobile computing, scanning, printing, voice-guided work and software solutions designed to boost worker productivity.

    Personal Safety Compliance

    Providing a wide array of personal protective equipment for industrial and healthcare settings, ensuring safety and compliance.

    Energy Management Solutions

    We provide cutting-edge solutions for renewable energy integration, smart grid technology, and energy conservation, ensuring eco-friendly and cost-effective energy use.

    Our Business Portfolio