Achieve your decarbonization goals with energy management solutions and innovative technologies in generation, transmission, and distribution

    The future is electric!

    Deliver on your ESG commitments by lowering greenhouse gas emissions and reaching your sustainability goals. Electrification can also deliver more economical and efficient solutions to help industrial companies achieve their operational goals. For utilities, electrification drives increased demand and the need for a robust and responsive grid, from power generation to transmission and distribution.

    Battery Manufacturing
    Deploy customized solutions to ensure the reliability of your automated manufacturing process, battery quality and integrity, and employees safety
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    Electric Vehicles
    Enhance electric vehicle safety and performance, as well as driver experience, with technologies that precisely measure battery state and potential hazards
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    Connected Utilities
    Prepare your business to leverage a connected portfolio of end-to-end smart energy solutions to enhance productivity and bolster sustainability objectives
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    Energy Storage
    Achieve your sustainability goals and energy independece by leveraging an integrated portfolio of solutions that are flexible, scalable, and cost efficient
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    Honeywell Ionic™
    Honeywell Ionic  combines flexible battery storage with Honeywell’s advanced control. It is a complete solution for commercial, industrial, and front-of-the-meter users. 

    Battery Energy Storage Systems
    Provide an easy to customize, scale, manufacture, install, configure, maintain and recycle, Battery Energy Storage System.

    Gas Leak Detectors
    SENSIT portable combustible gas leak detectors are ideal for detecting and locating natural gas, propane gas and butane gas leaks quickly.

    Experion Energy Control System
    Powerful and innovative, but simple to use, Experion® Energy Control System (EECS)  simplifies configuration, operations and maintenance and delivers a scalable, robust control solution.

    High Accuracy Transportation Current Sensors
    Wide range of models and amperages – Honeywell current sensors let you meter, monitor, measure, and manage with confidence.

    Electric Vehicles Sensors
    A new suite of sensor offerings for enhanced safety in EV batteries and energy storage systems.


    Explore some of our electrification resources and find out more on our wide range of innovative and sustainable solutions, addressing the ever-evolving needs of the modern infrastructure.



    Honeywell Forge Performance+ For Utilities

    Honeywell Forge Performance+ for Utilities supports the entire utility value chain.

    CASE STUDY    

    Managing Resources In Tenerife

    Isolated communities face unique challenges when tasked with providing safe, reliable resources.


    Maximizing  Automated Metering

    Utilities face a nexus of environmental, technological, and social shifts.


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