Technologies to Reshape Your Entire Retail Ecosystem

    Today’s retailers are faced with rapidly changing customer behaviors, including unceasing demand for innovation and the desire for seamless and error-free services. Shoppers need frictionless experiences across all touchpoints including eCommerce, supply chain, and store operations. Retailers are tasked with managing accurate and agile operations across the entire value chain to re-imagine the customer experience. From the storefront to the distribution center and across the supply chain, Honeywell’s retail solutions bring together people, assets, and merchandise in powerful new ways.

    Breaking Down Barriers to Help You Deliver a Consistently Great Retail Experience

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    Discover The Right Solution For You

    Explore a range of tailored solutions designed to meet your unique needs in the retail sector. Our interactive tool simplifies the process of identifying your specific challenges and goals, guiding you to the most suitable options from our extensive portfolio.

    The AI Revolution in Retail

    Did you know that nearly six in 10 retailers plan on adoption Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Computer Vision within the next year? From cashier-less stores to demand forecasting and so much more, discover what retailers are saying about the future of AI in our latest report.


    Honeywell grocery solutions can help empower your associates to deliver customer-centric experiences. Maximize productivity and accuracy.


    Honeywell softgoods services help provide the curated experience and immediate satisfaction customers demand. Discover our innovative technologies.



    Honeywell hardgoods services help you improve retail operations and provide the curated experience and immediate satisfaction costumers demand today.

    Manage the Pace and Scale of Change

    The task of selling across multiple channels not only adds complexity, but also provides an opportunity to offer your customers value-added services that differentiate you from the competition. Honeywell supports retailers’ vision for business transformation, innovation and continuous adaptation.

    Whether you’re coordinating multi-channel operations, implementing “click and collect” fulfillment models, or fusing these networks into fully integrated shopping experiences for your customers, we bring together proven expertise, best-fit fulfillment systems, robotics, hardware, software and support services, all backed by a powerful data engine.

    Brief: Meeting Today's Customer Expectations in Retail
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    Retail in 2023: Key Considerations for the Future of Shopping
    Flexible Payment Enabling Frictionless Experiences

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    A Day in the Life of an Associate 
    Today’s retailers are tasked with delivering a consistently remarkable shopping experience. Watch to see how empowering your associates with the right technology can help you deliver.

    Microsoft & Honeywell Retail
    Microsoft Teams Walkie Talkie and Honeywell mobility devices bring retail associates together.

    Nice One Case Study
    NICE ONE cosmetics used the Honeywell ScanPal EDA51K and CT60 mobile computing solutions to streamline their warehouse operations.