Smart Grid Solutions Deliver Customer Satisfaction

    Our Smart Grid Solutions for utilities are all about the end user.

    Smart Grid Solutions Change the Way We Use Energy

    In today’s outcome-based and energy-driven world, utilities are tasked with reinventing themselves for better efficiency, sustainability and operability. Effective grid management drives these improvements; with accurate, accessible, up-to-the-minute data from smart grid solutions, utilities can make informed decisions faster for improved results across operations — and enhanced customer experiences.

    We provide a broad range of energy efficiency and demand response programs and services. Our portfolio has customizable solutions that can help you meet sustainability objectives and business goals at the same time. With assets that optimize energy consumption during peak periods, utilities can help their customers reduce energy use and save on their monthly bill.


    With a track record of success across residential, commercial and industrial (C&I) markets, our smart grid solutions are flexible to business type, complexity and customer preference. Honeywell solutions include the following programs, devices and services to improve customers’ energy efficiency:

    • Audit programs
    • Direct install programs
    • Smart devices
    • Consumer engagement portals
    • Regular maintenance and tune-ups


    Using a wide breadth of in-house and partner technologies, we’re transforming the energy resource ecosystem by helping ensure the continuity of energy management operations, automating energy usage and balancing grid energy loads. Our solutions for demand response (DR) include:

    • DemandSites™ suite of DER management applications
    • Devices that automate incentivized peak demand change reductions for consumers
    • Virtual Power Plants (VPPs) that optimize asset orchestration
    • Residential and C&I turnkey demand response programs




    Smart Grid Solutions and Services

    Helping utilities manage energy consumption with proven 
    energy efficiency and demand response programs.


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