Sustainable Energy Efficiency Solutions

We provide flexible energy efficiency programs for a variety of customer preferences and needs.

Enabling A Long-Term Reduction In Energy Consumption

Utilities require customer participation and loyalty to increase overall energy efficiency within the communities they serve. Participation takes many forms, like investing in energy-efficient equipment and appliances or making and sustaining changes to energy consumption habits. With measurable success, it’s standard practice for utilities to offer energy efficiency programs that encourage customers to conserve energy through incentivization or rebates for lower usage.

We help utilities strengthen their program offerings with our smart grid solutions and services. Using a holistic, individualized approach, we can help utilities measure customer energy consumption, identify areas for optimization and prescribe solutions for implementation.

Energy Efficiency For All


Small differences made by single- and multi-family homes can create sustainable, necessary changes as we work toward a more energy-efficient future. We offer the following solutions that help utilities engage residential customers:

  • Field or virtual audits of existing energy use
  • Direct installation of smart solutions and technologies
  • Retail incentives for direct purchase


Almost all companies must adhere to regulatory requirements that increase the energy efficiency of their operations and limit emissions. Here’s how we help utilities support energy-efficient measures in commercial applications:

  • Field, virtual audits or DIY audits of existing energy use
  • An online engagement portal for customers and trade allies
  • Prescriptive or custom solutions, along with regular maintenance

We make energy efficiency flexible and adaptable to meet various customer needs. From the utility to the customer, a sustainable impact takes all of us.

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