Perfectly Timed Demand Response

Manage energy effectively and efficiently with sustainability-driven demand response programs.

Demand Response Programs Reward What Matters

Demand response programs offer utility customers incentives to reduce their energy use during peak hours when grid stress is high or in the event of a power emergency. Managing energy consumption when it’s most critical can help prevent power surges, outages and blackouts.  An effective method for helping balance loads and strain on the grid, demand response programs allow utility customers to play a key role in creating a more sustainable, energy-efficient future. And, increased customer participation in demand response programs can help you reach your lower emissions and energy reduction goals faster and more effectively.

Honeywell DemandSites™ is a distributed energy resource platform that helps you strengthen your demand response programs for more efficient energy management and better customer engagement. This scalable smart grid solution gives utility customers the power to change their energy consumption habits in exchange for financial incentives, lower electric bills and less chance of grid overload.

Providing Peak Relief

Help decrease your customers’ energy consumption with technologies that allow them to manage, shift or shed energy during peak usage. Honeywell DemandSites includes:


  • Automated metering infrastructure (AMI) can monitor and control loads during time-based or emergency-driven events
  • Meter data enables the analysis of peak load problems for strategic power reduction and better power reservation during times of high demand


  • This cost-effective dashboard displays current system status, load control summaries and alarm events for an unobstructed view of customers’ energy management
  • DRMS+ is AMI-based but also includes cellular load control switches
  • Responses can be automated or performed manually


  • Founded on awareness, education and training, Honeywell’s CEP for demand response encourages energy efficiency through behavioral tips, education and product offers, along with project statuses and real-time support


  • Energy and power optimization capabilities help utilities and customers meet precise consumption targets
  • Coordinated responses can be applied to fleet-wide assets for timely results

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