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    Discover The Benefits Of Real-Time Performance Management

    Honeywell Forge Performance+ for Utilities supports the entire utility value chain. As data and energy flow in multiple directions across the changing utility landscape, Honeywell Forge for Utilities is a digital platform that harnesses advanced technologies, software and services for improved operational performance in all areas of your business. Delivering safe, sustainable, reliable benefits, this platform:

    Uses technologies to help reduce your carbon footprint

    Optimizes the distribution asset financial planning

    Transforms points into localized, “virtual” power plants

    Identifies dispatchable loads, new unregistered solar panels, electric vehicle charges or batteries


    Helps balance loads on distribution systems

    This solution for utilities has autonomous, intuitive applications that store data, report analytics and provide a holistic visualization of the energy grid. With this platform, simplified actionable insights create opportunities for enhanced asset awareness and management, and help us better serve our customers. Everything utilities need, all in one place.

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