Make Every Meter A Smart Meter

    Our NXCM technology allows you to upfit your installed meter base moving it closer to an advanced meter infrastructure.

    The NXCM: Modernize Your Meter Network While Minimizing Cost

    If upgrading your installed meter base seems out of reach due to costs, upfitting rather than replacing could be a smart solution.

    Create A Smarter Network Without Replacing Your Network 

    Replacing every meter in your installed base can be a costly proposition. Using our NXCM cellular module, you can efficiently upfit the capabilities of the meters in your network, making them smarter so you can make faster, more informed decisions when it comes to managing your operations. 

    Connect with a Honeywell Smart Energy Engineer

    Talk to Honeywell to discover how our end-to-end solutions and services can put the power of data in your hands and help you take the next step towards a smarter approach to managing your utilities.