Empowering Reliable Water Utility Management

    The Merlin range of devices can help you achieve leakage reduction goals, improve the connectivity of water utilities and create a more resilient water network.

    Data-Driven Correspondence That Clips On

    Daily access to accurate water meter data enables the digitization of water utilities—and can improve their operational performance, connectivity and distribution functions. The Merlin range of devices from Honeywell Smart Energy embraces digitization by prioritizing real-time insights, information and measurements. The modern, secure devices and clip-on modules in this product offering can help identify leaks, theft and backflow; measure flow rates; and upgrade existing infrastructure to help enhance entire water networks, meet operational goals and reach sustainability objectives.

    Compatible with our volumetric, single-jet, multi-jet or turbine meters, the Merlin range of devices can also be retrofitted to existing meter bases. Improving the capabilities, intelligence and connection of meters once installed, these solutions can provide billing and revenue analytics, and protection notifications if leaks, abnormal flows or suspected tampering occur.

    Merlin NB-IoT Clip-On

    Operates on cellular narrow band (NB) NB-IoT capable networks and collects daily, granular meter data. 

    Merlin 868 MHz wMbus Clip-On

    Improves resiliency of Honeywell e-2-e AMI solutions through wMBus to LPWAN bridge in difficult to read and high-density locations.

    Maximize your meter's efficiency
    The Merlin NB-IoT Clip-On enhances the digitization of water meters
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    Merlin NB-IoT Clip-On Data Sheet
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