Honeywell Introduces Perfection Permasert™ 2.0 Coupling For North American Gas Lines

Honeywell Introduces Perfection Permasert™ 2.0 Coupling For North American Gas Lines

The upgraded coupling offers enhanced leak protection, ease of installation, and compatibility with diverse gas line sizes

HOUSTON, June 8, 2023 – Honeywell today announced Perfection Permasert™ 2.0, an upgraded coupling for North American gas utility companies. This new addition to the Perfection line of gas distribution products represents a major advancement from the previous version of mechanical coupling solutions. The Permasert™ 2.0 coupling's unique design offers significant advantages over competitor couplings, including universal compatibility with diverse gas line sizes and an innovative dual sealing mechanism. This ensures precise and reliable connections, reduces the number of service calls for repairs, and leads to lower operational costs for utility companies.

Installation costs are significantly reduced as the Permasert™ 2.0 offers a faster, more affordable process that requires less time and fewer tools compared to traditional fusion methods. Training for installation takes only one hour, compared to the 4+ hours required for electrofusion and conventional fusion fittings, resulting in a faster installation time of just 5 minutes per coupling.

"Building on the success of our Perfection line of products, the Permasert™ 2.0 coupling is our answer to the industry's need for efficient and reliable gas line connections while bringing operational benefits to our customers," said Troy Chapman, Chief Commercial Officer at Honeywell Smart Energy and Thermal Solutions. "This upgrade translates to time and cost savings for utility companies and greater reliability in gas distribution."

With over 40 years of experience and 50 million installations, Honeywell's Perfection line of products offers dependable performance and lower maintenance requirements, making them the preferred choice for utility companies and gas distribution networks.

The Permasert™ 2.0 coupling is available now for customers in North America. For more information about Honeywell's Perfection Permasert™ 2.0 coupling and its gas distribution solutions, please visit Perfection Portfolio | Honeywell Smart Energy.

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