Discover Honeywell’s Prominence In The Electric Vehicle Ecosystem

    Discover Honeywell’s Prominence In The Electric Vehicle Ecosystem

    As the world transitions towards cleaner and more sustainable transport, the whole transportation ecosystem and infrastructure will need to adjust. Continual innovation in technologies and supporting equipment will be needed to help ensure both a successful and safe move toward greater electrification. With expertise in personal protective equipment (PPE), sensing technologies and digital tools, Honeywell is a trailblazer in providing innovative and sustainable solutions to accelerate electric vehicle (EV) adoption.

    Honeywell Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) For EV Workers

    Safety is critical in EV environments, where serious thermal, chemical and electrical hazards exist, including arc flash, electrocution, electric shock, burns, fire and respiratory dangers. To help ensure the safety and well-being of workers, Honeywell offers a broad selection of PPE and electrical safety gear, meeting industry standards for safety and compliance and reducing the risk of liability for employers. Our categories of PPE include electrical safety, respiratory protection, fall protection and general safety PPE such as low-voltage rubber gloves and leather over-gloves, face shields, safety goggles, dielectric boots and more.

    Top-sellers for PPE include:

    Insulated Rescue Hook
    This 6 foot-long insulated tool is designed to be used for rescue if an injured worker is cornered in a dangerous area or near an electrical hazard.

    Insulated Roll Blankets
    Designed for wrapping around electrical equipment to protect against contact with high voltage. 

    5400 Series Air Purifying Respirator (APR)
    Full facepiece APR helps protect workers from the dangers of inhaling harmful particles, vapors and gases in EV manufacturing environments. 

    Safety & Performance Sensors For EV Batteries

    Our suite of sensor offerings enable improved electric vehicle performance and safety. Sensors—tiny devices used to measure physical input from their environment—are at the heart of many key technologies today because they provide information about pressure, force, gas, and more.

    CSNV700 Sensors Series
    Honeywell’s current sensors enhance EV performance and the driver experience. They are critical components to EV batteries, enabling precise battery state measurement and current leak detection.

    Honeywell’s battery safety sensors are integrated into EV battery packs and enable vehicle manufacturers to comply with existing and emerging battery fire safety requirements. The sensors enable early detection of “thermal runaway,” a known safety hazard in lithium-ion batteries that can be caused by a short circuit, mechanical stress on the battery from impact during a crash, overheating or poor cooling techniques, condensation and moisture in the battery or manufacturing defects. Thermal runaway events can lead to dangerous vehicle fires. Sensors can provide warning to passengers to exit the vehicle.

    BAS Series Battery Safety Sensors
    Automotive-grade aerosol sensors use the principle of light scattering to detect and report thermal runaway events. They detect the presence and concentration of aerosols such as smoke, liquid and debris that are early indicators of a thermal runaway event in an enclosed lithium-ion battery pack.

    BPS Series Battery Safety Sensors
    These automotive-grade pressure sensors are designed to detect and report thermal runaway events in EV lithium-ion battery packs and energy storage systems using a combination of MEMS (Micro- Electromechanical System) and ASIC (Application-Specific Integrated Circuit) technologies. They can detect pressure changes in the battery packs and transmit the detected value to the battery management system (BMS) using CAN (Controller Area Network) communication.

    Central Controls & Digital Visualization Solutions For EV Production

    Gigafactories, or massive battery factories needed to meet increasing EV and battery production demands, are critical to our future infrastructure. Honeywell's Manufacturing Excellence Platform, batch automation and visualization and integrated remote operations help gigafactories optimize their manufacturing processes and workflows, improve yields, reduce waste, and achieve more cost-effective battery production. They enable companies to:

    • Visualize and control their battery production process in real-time -- from mixing, coating and assembly to storage and distribution
    • Streamline and improve the collection of operations data
    • Gather insights for operators about upcoming tasks or potential delays 
    • Increase operational efficiency, enhance safety and drive more energy-efficient production

    Whether through cutting-edge technologies, expertise or protective equipment, Honeywell is actively contributing to the growth and progression of the electric vehicle industry. By investing in research, development, and partnerships, the company is driving the adoption of EVs, accelerating the transition to a cleaner and more sustainable transportation system and helping to shape the future of travel with a reduced carbon footprint.