SESHA 46th Annual Symposium

    Apr 23


    SESHA 46th Annual Symposium

    Join Honeywell at Booth 30 at the SESHA 46th Annual Symposium

    Hilton Phoenix Resort at the Peak in the Anasazi Courtyard

    Apr 23 - Apr 23, 2024 / from 7:30 PM to 9:30 PM (MST)

    Event Details

    Honeywell is the global leader in advanced technologies for advanced detection. We will feature a wide range of gas detection technologies and solutions, as well as our new product demos for VC4 and Midas S2.

    • VC4 is our new 4-points gas detection system, based on colorimetric technology with a more advanced and friendly design that offers an interference-free, low-maintenance, and low cost of ownership solution. 
    •  Midas® S2 is our latest design with a compact form factor suitable for applications with tight space constraints. The design is highly modular and enables easy, reliable, and trouble-free installation and service
    • Vertex™ Edge is a cost-effective toxic gas monitoring system that detects the ultrasensitive gases in your high tech operations, helping you protect people and assets while reducing fab downtime.
    • Midas® EX is an explosion-resistant extractive single-point gas detector sampling system that can draw a sample locally or from a remote point to a sensor cartridge inside the detector's chassis.
    •  Midas® - M operates as a fixed extractive single-point solution featuring a 4-in-1 multi-gas detector designed to precisely, easily, and rapidly detect over 30 gases. This advanced system draws a sample locally or from a remote point to a sensor cartridge housed within the detector's chassis.
    • SPM Flex is a portable, single-point Chemcassette® tape-based monitor that detects the ultrasensitive gases inherent in your operations — including hydrides, mineral acids, oxidizers, and amines.

    Talk to our High Tech gas detection experts to learn how we help you keep your workers and site safe and productive.

    Don't miss our technical session presentation on Exploring the Evolution of Traditional IR and Laser Spectroscopy on Wednesday, April 24th, from 3:45 PM to 4:30 PM (MST).

    Show description - The SESHA 46th Annual Symposium is a platform to participate in discussing cutting edge high technology ESH topics, foster collaborations, and network with top industry professionals, while experiencing a favorite location for the SESHA meeting.

    Join us at the SESHA 46th Annual Symposium in Phoenix, AZ

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