2024 regional hazmat emergency response team conference

    May 28-May 31, 2024
    Sunriver Resort
    Sunriver, OR

    May 28


    2024 HazMat Emergency Response Team Conference | Honeywell

    If you are interested in learning more about Honeywell Portable Products, visit Shaun Ralton at the Oregon Hazmat Conference. He will be happy to demonstrate how Honeywell BW gas detectors, Honeywell RAE gas detectors, Honeywell Safety Suite software, and Honeywell Service Made Simple program can help you protect your workers and comply with industry standards. Don't miss this opportunity to discover the latest innovations in portable gas detection from Honeywell. Come and join us at the Honeywell booth and let us show you how we can support you in your safety journey.

    Sunriver Resort Sunriver, OR 97707

    May 28 - May 31, 2024

    Event Details

    Interested in learning more about the latest trends and technologies in hazardous materials response? Join Honeywell at the Oregon Hazmat Show. This event will bring together some of the best minds in HazMat and Emergency Response to network with other professionals. The Oregon Hazmat Show is a must-attend for anyone involved in hazmat operations, planning, or training. 

    Honeywell Portfolio of Products

    Honeywell Portable Gas Detectors are devices that sense the presence of harmful gases in the air and warn the user with alarm and visual signals. They are made to be sturdy, dependable, and user-friendly in various settings and applications.

    Honeywell RAETM  specializes in wireless gas detection systems that feature wireless technology that allows users to connect their gas detectors to a wireless network and access real-time data, alerts and reports from anywhere. This enables faster and more informed decision making, as well as improved safety and compliance. RAE products include personal, handheld, and transportable gas detectors, as well as wireless gas monitors and controllers.

    Honeywell BWTM  offers portable gas detectors that safeguard workers. The BW portfolio is simple to operate, cost-effective and compliant with industry standards and includes single-gas and multi-gas detectors, as well as docking stations and accessories. Honeywell BW products are suitable for various applications, such as oil and gas, mining, manufacturing, utilities, and fire services.

    Honeywell Safety Suite is a software platform that helps the user manage their gas detection fleet, data, and compliance. Honeywell Safety Suite allows the user to remotely configure, update, and monitor their gas detectors, as well as generate reports and dashboards.

    Honeywell Service Made Simple is a program that provides fast and reliable repair services for portable gas detectors. With a variety of service offerings such as Service Contracts, repair, calibrations and more, Service Made Simple helps the user save time and money and ensure optimal performance and safety of their gas detection equipment.

    To learn more about Honeywell's portable gas detection solutions, visit our website or contact us today.

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