FDIC International 2024

    April 18-20, 2024 Indiana Convention Center & Lucas Oil Stadium Booth #1410

    Apr 18


    FDIC International 2024

    Visit the Honeywell booth at the FDIC Show to learn how Honeywell's portfolio of Portable Gas Detectors can elevate your safety standards! Connect with our experts, share insights and discover how Honeywell's innovative solutions are shaping the future of workplace safety. We're excited to see you there and explore the future of safety together. Your safety journey awaits – let's embark on it at the Honeywell booth!

    Indiana Convention Center & Lucas Oil Stadium Booth #1410

    Apr 18 - Apr 20, 2024

    Event Details

    The FDIC Show in Indianapolis, IN offers is recognized as the premier event for fire and emergency services worldwide. It's an exceptional platform for industry professionals to gain knowledge, engage with peers and explore cutting edge fire and emergency service solution. 

    Don't miss this chance to be part of the FDIC show in Indianapolis, the ultimate event for fire and emergency professionals.

    Honeywell Portfolio of Products

    Honeywell Portable Gas Detectors are devices that monitor the presence of hazardous gases in the air and alert the user with audible and visual alarms. They are designed to be durable, reliable, and easy to use in various environments and applications.

    Honeywell RAE is a brand of Honeywell that specializes in wireless gas detection systems that can communicate with a central controller or a mobile device. Honeywell RAE products include personal, handheld, and transportable gas detectors, as well as wireless gas monitors and controllers.

    Honeywell Wireless Technology with portable gas detectors is a feature that allows the user to connect their gas detectors to a wireless network and access real-time data, alerts, and reports from anywhere. This enables faster and more informed decision making, as well as improved safety and compliance. 

    Honeywell Safety Suite is a software platform that helps the user manage their gas detection fleet, data, and compliance. Honeywell Safety Suite allows the user to remotely configure, update, and monitor their gas detectors, as well as generate reports and dashboards.

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