With end-to-end solutions, services and support from Honeywell’s electric utility experts.

    Without electricity — or electric utilities that generate, transmit and distribute the in-demand resource that helps power our world — we wouldn’t be able to turn on lights, heat and cool our homes, use basic appliances or carry out most of our simple but essential daily tasks. 

    Because of their critical roles and responsibilities, electric utilities need smart, safe, successful technologies and solutions that work just as hard as they do, especially as the utility landscape undergoes change. 

    Honeywell understands the challenges that accompany change and designs solutions to overcome them. Our smart meters, technologies and comprehensive services work together to improve process productivity and performance for better outcomes across entire electric networks. 

    Gain The Edge In Electric Utility Intelligence

    You can do it without reworking entire processes or replacing entire networks. We’ll provide guidance on which solution is right for your operations so you can experience:

    • The creation of a reliable electric ecosystem
    • Accurate, actionable insights
    • Quick meter processing speeds
    • Enhanced system functionality and flexibility 

    Generate electrifying results with the installation and deployment of industry-leading utility offerings.

    A4 Smart Meter

    This solution features expanded data gathering, enhanced processing power capabilities and all-encompassing network interoperability.

    Next-Gen Gatekeeper

    This device provides utilities with intelligent, effective and secure network management, including traffic routing and data prioritization.

    Honeywell Forge Performance+ for Utilities

    Measure, monitor and manage the performance of each electric meter in real time with this digital platform. 

    We Have Exactly What You Need 

    Let’s meet your network performance goals together. Contact us to get started.