Discover how high-performing smart meters can improve overall utility performance below.

    Utilities Control Their Own Success

    Utilities’ adoption of advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) is not a question of if; it’s a matter of when. And right now, the sooner utilities invest in and create AMI networks, the sooner they can experience greater safety, connectivity, efficiency and sustainability across entire enterprises.

    AMI supported by smart meters helps utilities optimize their systems by providing accurate data, actionable insights and remote management capabilities. Using data to track assets, consumption and distribution can help balance energy loads, administer software upgrades as needed and encourage changes to consumption habits — all without visiting a meter’s physical location.

    Honeywell Forge Performance+ for Utilities, a digital platform that helps create stronger and safer utility operations, can take AMI’s functions a step further, adding greater visualization, unification and optimization to utility operations. In our whitepaper, Maximizing the Potential of Automated Metering Infrastructure with a Digital Platform, we explain the benefits of AMI alongside this digital platform, including:

    • Real-time visualization and performance monitoring of assets, like smart meters
    • The collection, organization and analysis of data from multiple sources
    • Improved resilience against cyber threats in an increasingly digitized landscape
    • Data-driven recommendations that can improve operational performance
    • Cloud-native AMI enables immediate deployment of new systems with minimal IT effort

    When utilities know more and see more, they can make smarter, faster decisions that enhance and maximize their business operations. Get started right here, right now, with Honeywell.

    Download Our Whitepaper on AMI and Honeywell Forge Performance+ for Utilities