Safety Is Priority Number One

Diverse asset management, regulatory compliance, grid modernization, increased safety issues, escalating operating costs, all are challenging the resources and performance of your gas utility operations.

At Honeywell, our Smart Energy solutions have been designed to deliver a connected energy management system focused on increasing safety, sustainability and productivity. The ability to remotely access information and activate devices without relying on proprietary networks may prevent incidents before they happen. Built-in autonomous equipment intelligence may reduce truck rolls and carbon footprint. Our end-to-end solutions seamlessly integrate devices, software and services so you can more easily measure and manage critical tasks across the entirety of your operations. This creates opportunities for increased operational performance.

Smart Meters Help City Meet New Energy Goals

Facing a public policy mandate for energy efficiency, a city needed metering technology that also met critical requirements for data security, traceability, cost efficiency and scalability. Discover how Honeywell Smart Metering Solutions enabled the creation of an advanced metering infrastructure that helped them meet these challenges.

Meter Restoration Delivers Reliability, Accuracy, Sustainability

Gas utilities are constantly looking for new ways to add reliability, safety and sustainability to their measurement operations. Select used meters can be refurbished, and cores remanufactured to original specifications using 100% OEM parts, providing a value-added, cost-effective solution to enhance existing metering infrastructure. Let us put our 180 years of experience to work for you.

Not All Smart Meters Are Created Equally

For almost 200 years, Honeywell has been driven by an uncompromosing dedication to quality. This is supported by our relentless attention to detail, world-class manufacturing processes and technologies and a customer-centric approach to innovation, engineering, service and support.

Upfit Your Meter Without Replacing Your Meter Network

Replacing every meter in your installed based can be a costly proposition. Using our NXCM cellular module, you can efficiently upfit the capabilities of the meters in your network, making them smarter so you can make faster, more informed decisions when it comes to managing your operations.

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