Honeywell and Tompkins Robotics Team Up to Offer Space-Optimized and Agile Solutions for the Modern Supply Chain

Honeywell and Tompkins Robotics Team Up to Offer Space-Optimized and Agile Solutions for the Modern Supply Chain

Collaboration will deliver high-capacity and flexible automation to distribution centers

Honeywell has expanded its collaborations with leading robotics companies by joining forces with autonomous mobile robot (AMR) provider Tompkins Robotics to bring speed, efficiency and reliability to a wide range of distribution and fulfillment operations. The alliance integrates Tompkins’ technology with Honeywell's software and cybersecurity acumen and decades of experience integrating robotic solutions into warehouse automation systems.

Tompkins has more than 30,000 robots, such as its tSort™ and PickPal AMRs, and more than 300 installations at companies across the globe. The AMRs enable businesses to use space effectively, from small back-of-store operations to large distribution centers, and deploy automation rapidly. They also make it easy for companies to scale quickly as they take on more orders or change configurations based on the needs of different spaces. Across retail, pharmaceutical, wholesale, returns and package handling, Tompkins solutions use robotic intelligence to speed up sortation and order fulfillment processes, allowing products to reach customers with greater speed.

“Honeywell and Tompkins Robotics together can bring unique benefits to customers, whether they are performing in-store replenishment or eCommerce order fulfillment,” said Keith Fisher, President of Honeywell Intelligrated. “Customers will gain modular and flexible robotics options to help them increase speed and throughput of their operations as well as sophisticated analytics with Honeywell’s Momentum Warehouse Execution Software to run their businesses optimally.”

“Our partnership with Honeywell will help customers drive labor savings and greater automation of supply chain processes, and create value beyond what either firm can deliver individually,” said Mike Futch, President and CEO of Tompkins Robotics. “The innovative solutions delivered by our collaboration provide powerful and flexible automation that drives efficiencies and cost savings for our customers.”

To learn more about Honeywell’s advanced automation solutions and strategic collaborations that benefit customers across the supply chain, visit our website. To explore Tompkins Robotics’ technology, solutions, and applications providing flexible robotic automation with less space, cost, and lead time, visit the company’s website.