The Meters That Give You More: Honeywell’s V200P and V200H  

    Our V200 volumetric cold-water meters are designed in various sizes to comply with a wide range of flow rates. With optimum accuracy and performance in horizontal, vertical or inclined pipelines, our functional water meters maximize revenue collection and can be integrated into existing smart metering systems.

    The latest advancements and benefits include:

    • Proven grooved piston for excellent durability and reduced blockages
    • Sealed tamper-proof registers to reduce condensation and water ingress
    • Compact, easy-to-handle and robust body for seamless installation
    • Typical 15-year battery life reduces costly field visits for meter exchange1 

    Our V200P meter has a polymer body instead of the traditional brass body  to ensure lead-free compliance and enhance environmental sustainability. The V200P is a manually read volumetric meter with highly accurate water consumption reading.

    A hybrid version, the V200H meter has an integrated AMR register and can deploy AMR/AMI with cost-saving benefits. This built-in functionality ensures the displayed values match those transmitted and prevents the accidental removal of any communicating device.

    Start a conversation with Honeywell to discover how the V200P and V200H meters can maximize your revenue and to learn more about connected water solutions powering the future. To learn more, fill out the form to connect with our experts.

    1Under normal conditions within the specified operating temperature range

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