Technology For The Utility Transformation

    Honeywell software offerings bring greater processing power and faster analytics to utilities.

    Achieve Greater Performance With Actionable Insights

    End-to-end software solutions from Honeywell help create a smarter, faster, more resilient grid. Our offerings facilitate reliable network communication and help empower next-generation management of utilities for more efficient, productive work. 

    Driven by data, Honeywell Forge Performance+ for Utilities, Connexo® and Connexo® NetSense put actionable insights in the hands of utilities and constantly work to improve the connectivity, cybersecurity and accuracy of operations.

    Honeywell Forge Performance+ for Utilities


    Connexo NetSense

    Our Resources

    Extracting Maximum Value of AMI Through Unified Data and Cloud Analytics
    Honeywell Forge for Utilities unifies the collection, curation and validation of data and provides holistic visualization of the grid.
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    Connexo® MultiSense: Simplifying the Utility Journey
    From initial data collection to comprehensive analysis, manage your entire smart data flow with a single application.
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    Connexo® MultiSense: Sensing Every Part of an Evolving Grid
    Learn about the multi-vendor data collection system that supports residential, commercial and industrial use cases.

    Connect with a Honeywell Smart Energy Engineer

    Talk to Honeywell to discover how our end-to-end solutions and services can put the power of data in your hands and help you take the next step towards a smarter approach to managing your utilities.