Apr 23


    Connected Worker Houston Summit

    The Connected Worker Houston Summit is an event focused on the digital transformation within energy companies and large-scale manufacturing facilities. It highlights the benefits of advanced connected worker solutions, including greater efficiency, optimization, and cost reduction through network connectivity, data analytics, and artificial intelligence. The event, developed in partnership with an advisory board, offers insights into essential considerations for planning connected worker projects.

    The Westin Galleria, Houston, Texas

    Apr 23 - Apr 26, 2024

    What's new in 2024 Invite Only Digital Leaders Executive Boardroom 

    The Invite Only Digital Leaders Executive Boardroom  sponsored by Honeywell offers exclusive insights for digital leaders facing unprecedented challenges. This closed-door session is tailored to help navigate dynamic change scenarios and foster continuous improvement by enhancing workforce connectivity, productivity, and engagement.

    Join over 300 of your peers at the Westin Galleria, Houston to discuss:

    • Redefining the Factory of the Future through the Power of Data, Analytics and Artificial Intelligence
    • Driving Innovation through Disruptive Gen AI Technology
    • Building the Connected Worker Environment for Enhanced Information, Improved Decision Making and Better Project Outcomes
    • Understanding how AR/VR is the Future of Employee Training and Onboarding
    • Rethinking Cyber Security in the Smart Manufacturing Environment