ARC Industry Leadership Forum

    Feb 04


    ARC Industry Leadership Forum

    Join us in-person at the 28th Annual ARC Industry Leadership Forum to experience and explore our leading technologies in digital transformation, cybersecurity and process automation.

    Renaissance Orlando Hotel, Orlando, Florida, USA

    Feb 04 - Feb 08, 2024

    Be sure to mark your calendar for an engaging lunch on Tuesday, between 12:15-12:55 pm, for our stimulating panel discussion that debates over strategies to address change in a rapidly evolving industrial sector: Empowering Tomorrow: A Perspective on AI, and Cyber Resilience.

    You can also talk to our select experts at our booth during the entire conference and get familiar with our industrial autonomous solutions, find out what’s new with Experion® PKS and explore our offerings first-hand in OT cybersecurity.

    Honeywell Industrial Autonomous is a portfolio of technologies and solutions providing seamless integration of advanced cyber security, IT/OT and AI enabled technologies, harnessing real-time process and business data to enable optimal decision making across the enterprise. The Honeywell Autonomous Solution unlocks unrealized value while achieving best-in-class metrics for safety, reliability, efficiency, sustainability and complying with evolving regulations, while reducing exposure to humans in process areas.

    Experion® PKS focuses on the challenges of today and tomorrow, delivering solutions that help end users focus in areas of Industrial Autonomous, Digitalization, Sustainability, and Modernization. Industrial Autonomous is supported by the expansion of Experion PKS HIVE, adding support for more devices and making it even smarter for automatically assigning controls. Digitalization takes the next step in system simplification by making it even easier to create, test, operate, and maintain batch operations. All of this is wrapped up in solutions that ensure support over the life of the assets.

    Honeywell Forge Cybersecurity+ | Cyber Insights is a software-enabled solution designed to provide actionable and targeted operational technology (OT) cybersecurity insights to industrial environments. Cyber Insights collects and analyzes data to provide current and historical information on vulnerabilities, threats, and compliance to help improve a site's cybersecurity posture. The solution is deployed within the site boundaries, on the process control network (PCN), providing cybersecurity information even at sites with limited or no connectivity to the corporate network. Cyber Insights integrates well with other security products already in use at the site (e.g., SMX), making it a comprehensive resource for PCN architects and plant engineers who need access to OT cybersecurity information. Additionally, Cyber Insights helps industrial sites comply with standards such as IEC 62443 and frameworks such as NIST 800-53 by providing programmatic access to audit logs and preserving historical data for forensic and compliance purposes.

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