Honeywell has a deep heritage in automation that spans more than five decades. Innovation is in our DNA and we have been an integral part of the evolution of automation solutions. From the first control system to digital technology and distributed control elements, to the creation of the barcode, to deploying industrial cybersecurity solutions, we enable our customers to enhance the safety, sustainability, resilience and productivity of their people, plants, and assets.

    Technology is evolving and changing at a faster pace. As a thought leader in the industry, let Honeywell Industrial Solution
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    Deliver on your ESG commitments by lowering greenhouse gas emissions and reaching your sustainability goals. Electrification can also deliver more economical and efficient solutions to help industrial companies achieve their operational goals.
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    Integrated Health, Safety & Security
    Implement a holistic solution to protect your people, equipment, and plants. Secure your data and operations with robust cybersecurity solutions that will be an integral part of your business continuity plans.
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    Intelligent Operations
    Take asset performance management to the next level with cutting-edge machine learning and data integration capabilities. Reduce unplanned downtime, maximize asset utilization, optimize production, and increase customer satisfaction by delivering on your commitments. Improve safety and minimize operational risk by mitigating risks before they occur.
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    Digital Workforce & Supply Chain
    Embrace digital technology to redefine your supply chain from manual labor to dynamic, cutting-edge solutions. Automation and robotics create new opportunities for you to operate more...
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