Honeywell Solutions Win 16 International Design Awards in 2024

    Honeywell Solutions Win 16 International Design Awards in 2024

    Honeywell’s Industrial Automation and Building Automation businesses have received recognition from Red Dot and iF Design in their annual international design competitions.

    Products selected to win Red Dot Product Design Awards are judged for their innovation, functionality and longevity by a jury of experts. The iF Design Awards honor achievements across disciplines including product design, packaging design, interior architecture, professional concept and user experience.

    Since 2017, Honeywell Industrial Automation and Honeywell Building Automation have received a combined 101 international design awards, thanks to their dedicated User Experience Design team made up designers around the world. The team uses customer insights, deep domain knowledge and a co-design approach with users to design high-performing new products that are both ergonomic and user-friendly. 

    “One of Honeywell’s key strengths is designing intuitive and differentiated solutions that address our customers’ most pressing needs,” says Pete Holdcroft, Director of Honeywell User Experience Design. “Our thorough new product development process leads to award-winning end-results and superior value to users.” 

    This year, Honeywell received 11 Red Dot awards and 5 iF Design awards for products across automation, productivity and safety. The company’s 2024 award-winning solutions include:

    • The Honeywell 8675i Barcode Scanner, designed for hands-free operation, addresses common challenges such as multitasking limitations, cable entanglement and confined spaces. It offers the option for a ring mount or back-of-hand mount using a glove, depending on user preference. The Honeywell 8675i Glove allows for enhanced dexterity to handle products in between scanning. The glove mount allows for haptic feedback to pass to the top of hand.
    • The Honeywell ScanPaI EDA10A Tablet enables effective communication and high-speed connectivity in unpredictable environments like field service that require fast and reliable data access. With a rugged yet lightweight build, 5G and Wi-Fi 6 and a Gorilla Glass 5 touchscreen, it is built for robust protection against accidental drops.
    • The 750 Shuttle is the core component of a smart, automated order fulfillment system. Designed for logistics operations managing a wide range of merchandise, the shuttle offers superior reliability, performance and process flexibility. Its lightweight design and exceptionally compact form give it energy-saving benefits.
    • The Honeywell lntelliSort Cross-Belt Sorter is built for high-volume e-Commerce, retail and post and parcel operations handling diverse package types. Its tailored configurations make the most of a facility's footprint and allow the technology to achieve maximum accuracy and uptime. The sorter utilizes advanced machine learning-based computer vision and patented dynamic discharge compensation. Its minimal moving parts allow for energy efficiency and reduced operating and maintenance costs.
    • The Honeywell Midas S2 Gas Detector employs advanced sensors and patented technology to detect a broad spectrum of toxic, ambient and flammable gases, safeguarding workers and assets across semiconductor processing, light industrial manufacturing, aerospace and wastewater treatment. The compact design is suitable for use in space-constrained areas and LED lights provide instant alerts on gas readings or alarm levels. One-click replacement of sensors and pumps minimizes installation hassles and operator errors.
    • The Honeywell OmniPoint Universal Transmitter is used in oil and gas, petrochemical plants and offshore environments to protect workers and property from toxic or combustible gas hazards. A mobile app paired with the device provides safety information in real time and allows operators to remotely interact with the transmitter, which is valuable when in hard-to-reach locations. The technology’s LED light ring design, which transitions from green to red to indicate an escalation in event priority, offers easy readability and visibility from a distance.
    • The Honeywell 7500 Reusable Half Mask Respirator protects workers in painting, welding, chemicals and machining roles from chemical gases, organic vapors, dust and fumes. Crafted with medical-grade elastomeric silicone and an ergonomically designed contour, it reduces and equalizes facial pressure, conforming to a user's face with a strong seal and enabling prolonged use. The filtration design, with aerodynamic 3-D air intake structure, reduces inhalation resistance by up to 42% compared to other masks, significantly enhancing comfort.
    • The Honeywell TC300 & TR100 Commercial Thermostat and Wall Module is smart at adapting to occupants’ comfort preferences and offers connected facility-wide oversight and control. It underwent hundreds of hours of testing to ensure its design is simple to use and can accommodate fast, guided setup.
    • The Honeywell PC300T Label Printer, designed for back-end industrial production and front-end retail and healthcare use, offers both heat transfer and thermal printing modes and supports different label types. Its flat top design allows for easy stacking and enables the printer to occupy less desktop space. Its ECO mode allows for 60% reduction of wasted labels.
    • The Honeywell PC45 Label Desktop Printer has a simplified design with a single printing button, making it easy to use for operators in demanding environments like retail and healthcare. Its larger touchscreen and updated user interface make it easier to adopt for newer users and helps speed up workflows.
    • The Honeywell MTS Construction Shoe offers superior protection against impacts and punctures in tough construction environments. Designed for optimum comfort throughout the working day, these safety shoes have slip-resistant soles and water-resistant materials. Designed with the latest EN standard, this range of shoes provides superior breathability, improved worker protection and a durable design adapted to accommodate construction site challenges.

    Winner Design Spotlight: The Honeywell 8675i Barcode Scanner and Glove 

    When designing the 8675i Barcode Scanner, the team knew customers in auto manufacturing, distribution center and retail settings needed to have a small device that would allow workers to scan items while also having use of both hands. The scanner would need to be able to withstand bumps, be powerful enough to last a whole shift and scan from a distance away, even in outdoor sunlight when the laser aimer might not be visible.     

    Quinton Theron, Senior User Experience Designer at Honeywell, says, “We had a unique problem to solve for our customers. Since the mobile device was going to be small (only 65mm by 30mm), it wouldn’t have room for a display screen to give feedback to the user. So, we designed other ways to provide users feedback on whether they had successfully scanned an item such as four LED light indicators on the corners that would flash green for a positive scan, red for a missed scan and blue when the device was connecting to Bluetooth.” 

    The scanner also gives feedback by making a sound and vibrating on the user’s finger or top of the hand. The device is lightweight and was designed with rounded edges so it can touch the skin without causing any potential discomfort. The metal nose gives the scanner durability in environments where it may be knocked into objects routinely. It is also “hot-swappable,” meaning the battery can be changed without having to power down the device. “This is an important benefit for workers so they can remain on-task and not have to interrupt their workflow when the battery is low,” says Theron.  

    Because the 8675i Barcode Scanner is often used in high-brightness settings where the laser aimer cannot be easily seen, the technology needed an alternate aiming method. Enter the mechanical aiming design: the scanner has two protrusions on the side so users can accurately pinpoint their scanning target and efficiently complete a scan in difficult lighting conditions, whether indoors or outdoors.

    The design process also uncovered users’ preference to have the scanner mounted on a glove for certain workflows. To allow workers more dexterity and minimize wear on the glove, it needed an open palm. “When designing the glove, we went through many different iterations and tested it on a large sample of people with different hand sizes,” Theron says. ‘We wanted to make sure this solution would be comfortable and workable for all of the different customers who use it.”

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