HIMSS 2024 Takeaways

    HIMSS 2024 Takeaways

    HIMSS 2024 demonstrated the rapid acceleration in technology that the healthcare industry has experienced since 2020. This acceleration, driven by new technology and expanded implementations across the healthcare environment, has created new themes, new opportunities, and new ways of providing care and how patients get access to care. Of all the exciting technology and discussions held, here are a few key things that stood out to us as we move further into 2024: 

    The Power of Connected 

    It’s no secret that how care is being provided is changing. Healthcare is no longer received solely inside the walls of the hospital. Now, it is given in urgent care facilities and other ambulatory services, in pharmacy clinics, in a patient’s home, or even entirely remote through options like telehealth. The type of care provided is changing, requiring healthcare organizations to stay connected with their patients, and their own clinicians. 

    At a basic level, there are three primary ways healthcare organizations are leveraging technology to stay connected. The first is requiring device-to-device connectivity where devices and instruments are talking to one another. For example, the Internet of Things (IoT) where ventilators, hospital beds, and remote patient monitoring devices can figuratively communicate with one another so a nurse can access a live dashboard from anywhere on a mobile device like the CT30 XP Healthcare mobile computer

    The second way healthcare organizations are staying connected is at a human-to-device level. Clinicians can receive the information that devices are sharing with one another and see it in real-time on their Honeywell CT30 XP Healthcare mobile computer. For example, even though a nurse may be in a different room, they can receive live alerts via their mobile computer that one of their patients needs immediate attention. By receiving real-time alerts, clinicians can provide quick and effective care leading to immense benefits to patients.

    Lastly, organizations are using clinician-to-clinician connectivity with the assistance of technology. Clearly communicating information across a healthcare environment can be the difference between life and death. Tools like Honeywell Smart Talk enable clear communication between frontline workers ensuring information is delivered on time, securely, and accurately. 

    Honeywell technology enables connectivity between clinicians and their patients, ensuring reliable care is delivered and received.  

    Augment Reality to Benefit Our Reality 

    Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a driving force of any new technology today. A derivative of AI is Augmented Reality (AR), which is recognized to have a serious play in the healthcare environment. From improved training to enhanced understanding, leveraging augmented reality leads to increased accuracy and better outcomes for clinicians and patients alike. 

    For example, Honeywell SwiftDecoderTM is a software development kit that seamlessly integrates into a healthcare organization’s own applications, helping clinicians work smarter and faster. When such technology is implemented, pharmacists can use augmented reality features to highlight and identify the correct medicine for patients amongst a wall of medicine and pill bottles. Or clinicians can quickly recognize details about their patients, including food allergies and medication needs, or even use the technology to see what supplies they have in inventory. 

    As artificial intelligence further integrates itself into healthcare with things like voice to text or generative AI, clinicians can utilize devices like the CT30 XP HC as a platform for this new technology. 

    Artificial intelligence even extends to Honeywell’s industry leading scan technology. Through solutions like the Xenon Ultra scanner, clinicians have access to intelligent scanning that allows them to read damaged or partially hidden barcodes and do so at nearly any angle. Equipping clinicians with smart technology is a driving force behind how Honeywell continues to transform productivity in healthcare. 


    Stemming from recent events, cybersecurity remains a primary focal point for healthcare organizations, especially as the number of devices and access points in a hospital are increasing.

    For Honeywell, cybersecurity isn’t an afterthought. Enhanced security is built into our technology from the very beginning of our product’s development. With platforms like Mobility EdgeTM and Printer EdgeTM, Honeywell offers added layers of protection and support throughout the life of our devices, keeping data and patient information safe. 

    Through these unique platforms, healthcare organizations can restrict access to devices and data, control updates from a central location, and implement extra precautions and safety measures to ensure their operations stay up and always running. 

    Access to Care – Care on the Go 

    The fifth point of the quintuple aim is Health Equity. This was top of mind for many at HIMSS 2024, as healthcare leaders and organizations spawn ideas to improve access to healthcare while maintaining quality. One key step in increasing access to care, while maintaining costs, is remote care. Options like telehealth or other remote care offerings can increase a community’s access to healthcare, helping to improve their quality of life. 

    Honeywell offers a full suite of solutions to equip clinicians in telehealth or remote care environments. Mobilizing clinicians with the CT30 XP healthcare mobile computer and similar handheld tablet devices allows for EMR access, cellular connectivity, and video calls inside and outside the hospital. Plus, keep care on the go with our scanning and mobile print solutions, which support clinicians while they’re on the move. 

    As we continue into this year, forward looking technology, like 5G, is on the horizon for Honeywell’s healthcare solutions. This will drive better connectivity, more secure platforms, and increase the quality of and access to care.

    Healthcare is a critical piece of our portfolio and our world, and Honeywell continues to deliver solutions designed to transform healthcare today and tomorrow.