High Performance Over An Extended Lifetime

Honeywell’s water meter: Evo Q4

The financial impact of water loss can be substantial, and it can potentially reduce the ability of water utilities to meet the demand in the areas they serve. Honeywell understands the importance of proving accuracy to your utility and protecting your revenue during the operating life of the meters. The EvoQ4 is an easy-to-install, solid-state commercial and industrial water meter, with replaceable battery options, low-flow, fire service, and an encoded output module with enhanced data protocols.

These smart-metering, AMI-ready features enable accurate analytics, reduce non-revenue water and enable real-time AMI functions related to theft and tampering. If you’re looking for a field-proven, accurate and worry-free C&I water meter, it’s here: the EvoQ4.

Long Battery Life
Reduced lifetime costs and fastest continuous sampling rate for more reliable accuracy

With common lay-lengths, floating flanges, lightweight design, and AMI-ready encoded output, installation is as simple as dropping the meter in-line and bolting it in place

Sustained accuracy
Minimized pressure loss with no moving parts to wear out unlike compound or turbine 

Robust communications
Flexibility in options for outputs and confident pairing with comprehensive AMR/AMI solutions 

Durable stainless-steel construction
Hermetically sealed, no lead no bronze for cleaner water supply 

Wide accuracy range
No loss in accuracy to compound meter crossover and 30-year track record of enduring operation 

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