An Intelligent Solution For Empowering Enterprise Intelligence  

    The Beacon 3200 Data Concentrator

    As the installed base of smart meters grows, so does the opportunity to harness the data captured and the intelligent, autonomous functionality realized through the creation of an Automated Metering Infrastructure that uses Automated Meter Reading. Together, enterprise management and customer service can reach a whole new level. One of the key components in creating this smart ecosystem is the collection and communication of data from the meter to the operations center. Our Beacon 3200 Data Concentrator makes the promise of smart meter technology a reality.

    Maximizing Smart Grid Applications 

    The Beacon 3200 is the newest data concentrator for smart grid applications offered by Honeywell. The Beacon 3200 can operate in three modes:

    1. Data concentrator mode - buffering events and data between utility meters and the HES
    2. DLMS Gateway mode - direct communication between HES and meters
    3. IPv6 router mode – Beacon’s IP capability allows reaching the meters in the network

    Features and Benefits

    • Simple management, perfect fit for large-scale rollouts
    • True end-to-end security
    • Interoperable, standard interfaces for upstream and downstream communication
    • Integrated web server for local configuration and maintenance
    • Open Head-end system interface

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