Bringing You Into The Future

    The Alpha® 4 EA is reliable, efficient and has the capacity to grow with future grid applications.

    Keeping Pace With Grid Evolution

    The Alpha 4 EA is packed with industry-leading capabilities and processing power for advanced grid applications, real-time data insights and edge intelligence for today’s metering needs, as well as capacity to grow with future grid applications — all on a single platform.

    Best-in-class Metrology Capabilities

    Expanded data gathering and enhanced processing power give you significantly more grid information to monitor and analyze, allowing you to gain deeper insights into service areas, usage and more.

    Increased system and communication flexibility provides a range of data collection choices, simplifies system integration and improves interoperability across your entire network. New firmware upgrades and enhancements expand the A4 EA’s reach and connectivity, allowing greater compatibility with older meters, including the REXU and A3.

    Industry leading memory enables you to store more metrology data for longer and lock in readings that may be in progress when a power loss occurs. Collect simple billing reads on time without sacrificing functionality on channels and instrumentation values.

    Meters That Give You More

    Alpha 4 EA Residential (A4R EA)

    The A4Res meters provide advanced revenue metering, power quality monitoring, enhanced security, interval data recording and self-reads, instrumentation profiling and more for residential metering needs.

    Alpha 4 EA Commercial And Industrial (A4CI EA)

    The A4CI EA is designed to comply with the latest standards for metrology, communications, safety and security in commercial or industrial settings.

    Next Gen Gatekeeper: Greater Flexibility And Connectivity

    With the option of meter or non-meter platforms, Honeywell’s Next Gen Gatekeeper provides utilities with intelligent, effective and secure network management, including traffic routing and data prioritization — an advanced smart grid and smart meter communications option for utilities in search of the tools needed to support value-added services.

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