Creating a safe working environment, maintaining stable production, meeting quality specifications, and minimizing energy consumption are the keys to profitability

    No matter what you make, a safe working environment comes first. Heavy machinery puts employees at risk of accidents and injuries caused by fire, mechanical, and chemical hazards, as well as long-term hearing loss.

    Honeywell Industrial Automation offers diverse health and safety solutions for every worker, hazard and industry—so you can focus on the goods.

    Manufacturing Is Demanding

    From consulting services to chemicals, to films and insulation, from sensors to personal protective equipment, our innovative solutions help power your company's success.

    Automation and Safety Solutions

    Manufacturing has never been more demanding. It requires a safety, secure, and productive working environment. Honeywell offers diverse automation and safety solutions so manufacturers can focus on their goods.


    Our extensive portfolio of combustion products provides fuel-efficient, low emission burners and complete combustion systems for use with air, oxygen, gas or oil. Designed to fire at required capacities and temperatures while meeting the most challenging emissions requirements in a variety of glass melting furnace configurations.


    With a track record of success spanning decades, we’ve become the automotive industry’s leader in combustion safety and compliance.

    Food & Beverage

    A world-class team of experts can help make your ovens, dryers, fryers and heaters function more safely and reliably.

    Industrial Equipment

    Complex industrial applications need to be engineered for enhanced precision, repeatability, and ruggedness. 

    The Need For Rugged Industrial Applications

    Our flexible sensing components enable quick customization for industrial applications such as temperature and humidity control systems, water heaters, conveying, paper production, steel fabrication and many more.


    Reliable, flexible, and user-friendly gas detector monitoring systems.

    Advanced Detection through Advanced Technologies

    Honeywell Industrial Automation provides gas and flame detection technology for a complete range of fixed and portable gas and flame detectors. We also offer full service on site, system integration, controllers and accessories that monitor for toxic and flammable gas threats. Our comprehensive approach to safety can help support increased productivity, performance and operational uptime.