Forging Thermal Innovation Fueling Thermal Progress

    Our wide range of thermal solutions helps OEMs and end users improve the thermal efficiency and sustainability of equipment and processes in the metals industry.

    Meet Global Emissions Requirements With ECOMAX® LE Burner 

    This asset includes practical guidance for OEMs and end-users as they select the right burners and controls for specific industrial heating applications.


    Combustion Control by Pulse Firing

    Gain greater control of heat input with pulse firing, a combustion technique that provides increased flexibility, temperature uniformity, efficiency, and emissions reduction.


    Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Metals Processing 

    For over 125 years, Honeywell Thermal Solutions’ thermal portfolio of burners, controls and heat recovery systems has been an integral part of customers

    who sell to or are end-users within the secondary upstream and downstream metals markets. 

    Regardless of the metals vertical, Honeywell Thermal Solutions systems are integral to successful metal treatment. If you are an OEM,
    system integrator or end-user, we have the experience, expertise and widest portfolio of solutions to help solve your application challenges.

    Solutions for Metals Applications 

    Our reliable, proven burners, heat exchangers and controls are used in many typical ferrous and non-ferrous applications, including:


    Thermal Performance Matters to All 

    Whether you supply the equipment that’s used during heat treatment or use equipment to thermally treat metals as part of your daily operations, we help make sure it operates at the highest level.

    Our proven, trusted thermal solutions effectively dissipate heat, capture and reuse energy, control temperatures and withstand high heat in furnaces, ovens and other thermal equipment. This helps reduce energy consumption, reduce emissions and improve combustion efficiency to keep product quality and equipment functionality high.

    Different applications require different solutions, including those that achieve greater thermal transfer, better fuel delivery and complete burner management. All help add flexibility and performance to equipment, operations and processes.

    Thermal Solutions, Efficiency and Sustainability in Action 

    When we say our solutions help give OEMs and end-users greater control and significant results, we mean it. From performance upgrades to sustainability enhancements, our burners, heat exchangers and controls help processes in the metal industry become more advanced, reduce emissions and improve energy conservation.

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